Since 1969 Kaeufer has designed and manufactured access systems for high-rise structures, glass facades and glass roofs. As a result of restructuring, Kaeufer operates under the name Gebr. Käufer GMbH since 1987. They undertake the planning, manufacturing, delivery and assembly of work platforms, exterior access systems, roof access systems, glass roof access systems, facade access systems, monorail systems and wind power access systems.

As the global lead manufacturer for rotor blade access systems, Gebr. Käufer Befahrtechnik has developed temporary access systems and access technology for rotor blades and tower for more than 25 years Käufer access systems are used worldwide. Käufer provides various access systems for every type of wind power plant. All rotor blade access systems are TÜV – certified (Technical Inspectorate).

K-BP-2 Rotor blade access system are suitable for turbines up to approximately 3 MW and a rotor/tower distance up to 10 meters. Accessing lattice mast turbines is possible with additional components.

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