Manufacturers are quickly realizing the importance of inspecting the wind turbine blades and towers regularly. The maintenance and repair of wind turbine components is essential for long-term profitability. Oftentimes, these maintenance issues and repairs are difficult to diagnose, are postponed or delayed. This can cause a minor problem to become a major issue. Wind Access Engineering Inc. offers suspended access solutions that can meet your needs. We offer simple wind baskets and platforms for blade/tower inspection and repair, to sophisticated designs for complex projects.

With the ability to get up-close viewing and testing of the critical areas of the towers and blades, our wind baskets and platforms allow for quick diagnostics and repair at a minimal cost. Wind Access Engineering has a full line of superior Suspended Access Products including:

We also carry a full line of safety equipment including:

  • Tractel Fall Stop
  • Capital Safety
  • Petzl
  • Safewaze
  • Pigeon Mountain

Wind Access Engineering Inc. is a certified serviced provider for Altrex, Asmus, Bisomac, Kaeufer and Tractel products. Contact us for more information.

Equipment Rental

Wind Access Engineering also has a complete line of high-tech tower and blade access equipment available for rent. We will design and deliver wind baskets and platforms to your site and address your individual needs. Our technicians will custom rig, assemble and have everything ready to deploy when needed. Our engineers and technicians can provide on-site supervision, initial orientation, ground support and a complete training programing is available.

Our wind baskets and platforms allow for safe and quick set up and can maneuver close to and along the critical areas.The following equipment is presently available through rental agreements:

  • Kauefer Wind Baskets
  • Altrex Baskets
  • Custom-made Platforms

Wind Access Engineering has the solution to meet your individual needs!

Contact us for more information on the equipment rentals services available.

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